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What can a professional radio and DSP promotion team like Nine North do to help you NOW?

It blows my mind anytime I see someone send a Play MPE blast to radio without a team attached to help get the music heard and then played. There are dozens of weekly releases in the Country format alone through Play MPE.

If a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, does it really make a sound? If you release your music to radio and on every direct streaming platform (DSP) and no one hears it, will it ever be a hit?

There are - on average - 140,000 songs uploaded to DSPs (Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, etc.) DAILY.

This is where the Nine North team makes the difference. A promotion team like Nine North can provide valuable support to you in many ways:

- Radio Promotion: We can leverage our industry connections to get your music heard by radio station decision-makers, hopefully leading to airplay (the music has to be GREAT, not just good), increasing visibility, and reaching new audiences.

- Streaming Promotion: By focusing on streaming services, we can help you make an impact on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, growing your audience through independent music curators.

- Marketing and Branding: We can assist in creating a solid brand for you, connecting you with industry producers and creatives to enhance your image and marketability.

- Music Distribution: We can help distribute your music to a broader audience, increasing exposure and potentially leading to more opportunities.

- DSP Expertise: DSP knowledge within the team allows us to innovate digital marketing strategies, ensuring relevant ads reach the target audience effectively through complex algorithms and personalized targeting.

In conclusion, the Nine North team can significantly boost your career by expanding your reach, enhancing your brand, and optimizing your marketing strategies across various platforms.

What I describe above is precisely what we do! Contact me anytime at so I can answer your specific questions!

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