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How do you attract Gen Z? You might expect the first four steps, but the fifth WILL surprise you.

Do you want to grab Gen Z's attention with your music? Try these steps:

1) Highlight the genre's diversity. Country music is not just about trucks, beer, and pickup lines. There is a wide range of country music, from traditional to modern, from pop to rock. Show Gen Z that there is something for everyone in country music.

2) Focus on the stories. Country music is all about storytelling. Songs often deal with real-life issues and emotions that can relate to Gen Z listeners. Highlight the songs that tell powerful stories and connect with Gen Z emotionally.

3) Use social media. Social media is a terrific way to reach Gen Z. Use platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter to share country music content relevant to Gen Z's interests. You can also use social media to connect with Gen Z artists and influencers who can help promote country music to their followers.

4) Get them to your live gigs. Nothing beats the experience of seeing a country music concert live. Get Gen Z to your show and let them see why country music is so much fun.

The surprise FIFTH step:

5) GET THE MUSIC TO COUNTRY RADIO AND GET GEN Z! In a recent study conducted by Edison Media Research, a majority of Gen Z radio listeners stated that they listen to AM/FM radio in their cars because it is free (85%), convenient to listen to while driving (69%), and a part of their daily routine (68%). In addition, around half said it was because they wanted to hear specific programs, personalities, and local news and information. We know Gen Z listeners are comfortable listening on their phones, but in a car, they prefer the radio for its free programming and convenience. What's intriguing is that the daily routine of listening to the car radio is a habit that remains with Gen Z listeners.

That fifth step was surprising, right? If you want to reach Gen Z - and every generation with your Country music - hit me up for the SECRET SAUCE at or 615-332-5511. Let's go!

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