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Know Your (Country) Customer!

From the latest CMA research data, some interesting information about the Country consumer. First up, over 129 MILLION adults listen to Country music, representing a 9% growth rate over the last 5 years on average.

Next, a snapshot of today's average Country listener, with 72% owning their own home versus 67% of the general population.

Country music isn't just a lifestyle choice in the South and Southwest. As this information proves, the penetration of the music is truly nationwide.

Not surprisingly, they're also into tech! 64% of Country listener spend 5 or more hours online weekly, as opposed to 61% of the general population.

All of this tells me that Country music is as healthy as ever, but still has room to grow.

Our average customer is more upscale than many advertisers (and even artists) believe. They have disposable income to spend, so they may as well spend it on your tickets and merch!

They also love smartphones and visiting social networks, so as an artist you must craft the right messages and not bore your audience while doing all the other artist stuff you do. In fact, consider that a permanent part of all the artist stuff you do.

Radio - both terrestrial and satellite - is still where most of our consumers hear the music they love, because even though they have disposable income, FREE is always hard to beat.


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