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Calling all artists: 12 pro tips to get your music on the radio!

1. Consider radio promotion services: Hire a radio promotion company or independent promoter with established relationships in the industry. We have established connections with the radio stations you are focusing on. Nine North is a dependable and respected option, and our 16 years of experience speak for themselves. We take pride in our exceptional work and strive to maintain our reputation.

2. Ensure your music is top-notch: Your music should be produced, mixed, and mastered to industry standards.

3. Find the proper stations: Identify radio stations that match your music genre and target audience.

4. Submit your music to the right people: Find out who the music directors are at your chosen stations and follow their submission guidelines.

5. Don't give up: Building relationships with radio stations takes time, so keep submitting your music.

6. Create a buzz: Play live shows, release music videos, and get featured in blogs and magazines to generate interest in your music.

7. Build relationships: Attend music events, conferences, and seminars to connect with DJs, program directors, and music journalists. Engage with them on social media and support their content.

8. Prepare a professional press kit: Include your artist bio, press photos, artist statement, and notable achievements or reviews.

9. Personalize your approach: Tailor your messages to each station or individual, addressing them by name and highlighting why your music fits their audience.

10. Target local and college stations: Local and college radio stations are often more open to independent music and can help you build a local following.

11. Support your promotion: Actively promote your music through social media, websites, live performances, and local media coverage.

12. Follow up: After submitting your music, follow up with radio stations to confirm receipt and inquire about the status of your submission.

Remember, success in getting your music played on the radio requires effort, persistence, and building relationships. So, keep improving your craft and stay dedicated to increasing your chances of radio airplay.

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