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Back To Business? Yes (I'll explain how).

From the Billboard business section, 3/30/20: "Christian/gospel and country genres bounce back, while rock, Latin and hip-hop continue to flounder."

This quote is from an article called "Coronavirus Listener Data: Video Still Rules, While Audio Streams Start to Trickle Back."

As one could predict, Country fans are among the first to return to streaming and their radio stations. Radio has heeded the call and is trying to be as live and local as their budgets will permit. That allows them to play great music and inform their listeners. That information they pass along is often not just vital, but lifesaving. Streaming provides just music for people who require calm in that way.

Is Country radio still playing music? Absolutely. We delivered 12 adds spread between three clients just this past Monday.

Is this a good time to send new music to Country radio? YOU BET. They are hungry 24/7/365 beasts and are always looking for quality music to add to their playlists and please their listeners, especially during challenging times.

Fans are still streaming and downloading music, plus buying merch. The safer and more accessible you make the experience for them, the more fans you'll have involved with you daily.

Are you updating your social media channels regularly? Even on "quarantime," your fans want to see what you're up to - they're living it too, and they find your experiences familiar and comforting.

Are you performing live on Facebook, Twitch, TikTok, Snapchat, Stageit, and all the venues you have available to you right now? Why not, if not? Who, if not you? As an artist, you must "create in your space" and share it. You'll keep your chops up and you won't be rusty after we emerge from this mandated "downtime." You'll have a leg up on everyone who sat back on their butts while you kept perfecting your craft!

As Governor Cuomo ends his daily briefings, "let's get to work!" If I can help you, please reach out as always. is still the most direct way to hook up.

Please stay home, stay safe, create, and share! Your fans need you now more than ever.

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